I am a shoppe owner

My family and I are in Cozumel, Mexico this week. I haven’t visited Mexico since my husband and I started dating in the mid-90s, when he invited me to meet his family in Moroleon. It was definitely an eye opener on so many different levels. The trip highlighted many of the obstacles we would face as a dating couple and eventually as a married one. Yet, I would not trade the time I spent with his family for anything. (and there is no way I am trading him in)

The same can be said for this trip. Given that we are 20+ years old, have two teenagers, and have completely changed from the kissy face young adults who visited all those years ago, I did not expect any obstacles. In fact, I wanted to use this trip to gain a new perspective of who I am and what I really want.

If you have read anything I have written in social media or in blog, you are aware that opening empowered interiors last year was the end of an intense and emotional three-year journey. Amidst the grief over my mother’s death in 2016, I had a vision of opening my own store that would focus on vintage goods unlike others had. The intention was so vivid and real, but so illusive at the same time. I just could not find the strength to begin and honestly, how could I at that time? My mother had just died. But I set intention, although at the time, little did I know that the Universe held it in its back pocket.

Jump ahead to mid-2018. My goal last year was to become an interior designer who owned a shoppe. I had the grandiose plan that I would be open on weekends, busily helping customers, and then closed during most of the week, feverishly working on interior design projects. It was the perfect plan, except it was not because neither happened. What the hell, right?

Being in Mexico, and I’ll be honest, reading and listening about the Law of Attraction, there has been a shift in an awareness of my hopes, dreams, and intentions.

See, I fell hopelessly in love with my shoppe. I mean, I. Fell. Hard.

It is the manifestation of who I am and what I have learned in my life. And of course, being in love, I wanted to show off my newest sweetheart. But how could I, no one came in.

Cue the sad music and tears.

And to top it all off, design clients were few and far between and honestly, I didn’t really care because NO ONE CAME INTO MY BEAUTIFUL SHOPPE!!!

See how love can turn a sane 47-year-old women into a raging teenager again?

Oh, and did I mention, I really did not want to come to Cozumel. I mean, really did not want to. Well saying don’t to the Universe is like saying do, so there was no backing out. But just like my visit over 20 years ago, my eyes have been opened to this one truth:

I am a shoppe owner and I love it. Period. This is who I am. (Jesus that was easy to write)

The next line, however, is not so easy:

I am not an interior designer.

Well maybe I am, I don’t know.

I like designing, I really do, but I don’t love it. There’s the difference. When I am smack in the middle of project, I am super happy, but the projects are more consultation and sourcing, rather than “designing.” I am a member of few private interior design FB groups and in the last month or so, I recognized that my mindset was different. I resisted though because I just could not admit to myself that was not my identity. I was the owner of a fantastic, beautiful shoppe. A space that I want to nurture and a place I wanted to grow into something even more fantastic (bigger old house in the same downtown??).

But, Cheryl, you’re good at interior design? I am, but here’s the thing, denying the truth has only hurt me. My work in interior design was but a trickle out of a faucet because that is not who I want to be. The Universe knew this and until I admitted my true my feelings, the shoppe would remain invisible and the interior design work would be nonexistent.

My vision of interior design is very different than the work of other amazing interior designers. I find that I am best as an educator and as an advisor. What this means for my interior design business, I’m not sure, but it will remain a part of my business, just in a different way.

When e.i. opened, my main goal was to sell vintage and unique contemporary goods that individuals would not necessarily find at the big box décor stores. As any small business owner will tell you, there is a strong personal connection. How can there not be?

But what I learned in Mexico is, it is time to own up to who is the real empowered interiors.

Is it a shoppe?

Or is it an interior design studio?

empowered interiors is a shoppe that offers vintage and contemporary décor that reflects empowerment in home furnishings, history, and in the knowledge you have chosen unique home décor from a small, locally owned shoppe.

Bienvenidos a empowered interiors.

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